Electra’s Summertime Staples: Don’t leave home without them!

Electra’s Summertime Staples: Don’t leave home without them!

Electra’s Summertime Staples: Don’t leave home without them!

Summer riding season is in full swing and there is no time to waste! Once that sun rises, and you have your morning coffee, grab your trusty Electra and head out for the next adventure. But before you do, let’s take a peek at a few summertime essentials  to make those rides a 20/10 on the fun scale. Wait… what? A 20/10? Well... just being on an Electra already makes your day a 10/10, so were here to double the fun!  

You wear a helmet to protect your head. You wear eyewear to shield your eyes from dust and dirt. You ride defensively to avoid careless drivers, kids, and dogs. But more often than not, you may forget to put on your sunscreen before you hit the road. Yes, even in the UK the sun is strong in summer. So if you plan on soaking up sun, make sure you are protected from those nasty UV rays. To avoid having your mom nag you, make sure you reapply every two hours and after you hop out of the pool, lake or ocean.

Now if you’re anything like us, you always want to have a swimsuit and towel at the ready. The opportunity to jump in your friend’s pool or hit the beach for a surf session can happen on the fly, so it’s best to be prepared. While you’re breaking in your summer feet, it’s also a great idea to have a pair of flipflops or Crocs standing by. Wet, sandy socks are a no-go while pedaling to the next pub. Let those little toes live a little! 

Another nagging point from your mom; make sure you drink water! The sun can take a toll on your body. Having a water bottle on hand, or in this case, in your trusty Electra Cup Holder will keep you hydrated through the day’s sunset. As professional fun havers, the Electra team is going to let you in on a secret… adding an electrolyte mix to your water will help you stay extra hydrated. Plus, it adds a bit more flavor to your already flavorful life. 

Now that you (hopefully) have your essentials gathered up, how do you plan on keeping all of them with you? Luckily, we have a large selection of bike baskets that make it easy to dress your Electra to match your personality and needs. For those items you want to have easy access to (phone, wallet, sunscreen), check out our Phone Bag. It leaves a lot of power at your fingertips. If you have any suggestions for other summertime essentials or want to share pictures of your fun adventures, give us a follow on Instagram and be sure to tag us, too! 

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