Meet the Funbassadors!

Meet the Funbassadors!

Over the past (almost 😱) 30 years, we've paid attention to two-wheeled love stories across the world. Thanks to some of these stories, relationships have blossomed with a select group of individuals that we are excited to introduce to you. We invite you to meet the Electra Funbassadors. This is a crew that represents all things fun and Electra in their own unique way. It’s about time we celebrate all they have done and continue to do. Without further ado, read on to meet the founding members.

Name: Travis

Bikes Owned: 3 Townie’s, Ghostrider, Gen 1 Fink, Pink Fink, Jeremy, Straight 8, Flying Sue, Paige, Jester, Hawaii, Revil 3i, Pink, and a few others!

Proudest Achievement: I served my community as a cop for over 27 years and, as of June 2022, officially retired.

Most Embarrassing Achievement: I’m always embarrassed because I’m always goofing off!

Favorite Electra Memory: I have so many Electra memories with friends and family from vacation, Christmas rides every year, spring training daily, and just cruising. One of my favorite memories was cruising with the Electra crew and family on our visit to Encinitas!

One meal you could eat for the rest of your life: Tacos

Name: Ella

Bikes Owned: Our family shares a Townie Path 9D EQ Step-Thru in Dusk, Townie 7D EQ Step-Thru in Arctic Blue and Cruiser 1 24” in Spring Green (also known as Ronnie).

Proudest Achievement: I was just accepted to medical school and will start on August 1, 2022! I am so pumped.

Most Embarrassing Achievement: I won a hotdog eating contest in the 4th grade.

Favorite Electra Memory: Biking to Dairy Queen with my best friends and going through the drive through on our bikes!

One meal you could eat for the rest of your life: Fajitas

Name: Rachael

Bikes Owned: Cruiser 1

Proudest Achievement: My first Century ride, 100 miles in one day.

Favorite Electra Memory: One of my favorite Electra memories was a Ziggy Saddle arriving in a surprise package and going on a ride with it for the first time.

One meal you could eat for the rest of your life: I could eat salads for the rest of my life – the options are endless.

Name: Jason

Bikes Owned: 2 Cruiser 7D’s named Gritty and Miss Kitty

Proudest Achievement: Always looking Sickie Hot Fire 🔥

Most Embarrassing Achievement: I’m too “Cool Cat” to get embarrassed.

Favorite Electra Memory: Whale watching with my beautiful wife while cruising The Strand in Redondo Beach, CA.

One meal you could eat for the rest of your life: I live in SoCal, taco’s silly 🌮

Name: Alicia

Bikes Owned: Townie 7D Step-Thru named, “Margaux,” Vale Go 9D EQ in Pearlized White named, “Perla” and a Vale Go! 9D EQ in Matte Gunmetal

Proudest Achievement: Riding 30 plus miles on a Townie all over beautiful Miami. I take pictures of our beautiful city along the way, and I run into people that continue to complement on my perspective and photos of my rides.

Most Embarrassing Achievement: The day I fell off my bike because a bug got in my eye. I hit a hedge, lost control and down I went. I wear shades when I ride ever since…

Favorite Electra Memory: Whenever I can gather my girlfriends for a breakfast ride to sit, chat and catch up.

One meal you could eat for the rest of your life: Tuna fish and bananas

Name: Bob

Bikes Owned: Cruiser Lux Fat Tire 7D Step-Over

Proudest Achievement: Getting a note about being an Electra Funbassador.

Most Embarrassing Achievement: Wrecking on green slime fungus and broke my thumb.

Favorite Electra Memory: Riding my old bike Fat Lux 28 miles on the beach.

One meal you could eat for the rest of your life: Fish tacos

Name: James

Bikes Owned: Straight 8, Rockabilly Boogy, Zarape, Mulholland, Punk, Vince, Dirty Rat Rod, Sparker Special, Rally Sport Track, Ghostrider, Super Deluxe, and Gen1 Flying Sue, Cruiser Go!

Bike Birthdays: I am a big numbers nerd, and I actually have a spreadsheet that lists all of our bikes and when we got them. There are a lot, but some of the highlights are my Dirty Rat Rod (June 15), wife’s Koa (July 5), daughter’s Night Owl (Nov. 28) and the one that took me the longest to find – the Punk (Feb. 12)

Proudest Achievement: This will sound cliche, but being a dad is the best thing I’ve ever done.

Most Embarrassing Achievement: My girls will tell you that there are too many to count.

Favorite Electra Memory: Family night rides that bring a smile to everyone’s face, pure joy.

One meal you could eat for the rest of your life: I can’t choose only one, that’s like asking me to pick my favorite Electra!

Do you think you have what it takes to be an Electra Funbassador? Do you have a burning desire to shout from the rooftops how much you love Electra and getting outside on two wheels? If that sounds like you, send us an email telling us why at [email protected]. We’ll review and let you know if you’re fit to join this elite crew of bike riders, beach bums, coffee addicts, couch surfers, regular surfers, and generally awesome people.

About the Author: Electra Bicycle Company

At Electra, we make bikes to ride. Not like 45 miles in tight shorts and clicky shoes ride. Just ride. Everyone has a place to go. And it’s way more fun on an Electra. Wherever. Whenever. Whoever you are. Ours is not an exclusive club. If you like to have a good time, you’re in.