The Best Day of Your Life: New Bike Day!

This is a day that stand out amongst all other days … Your personal memoir will record it as one of the greatest in your entire life ... A core memory, if you will. We are, of course, talking about new bike day. Plainly put, it’s the day you ride home with a brand new two-wheeled companion. While this life event is unequivocally memorable, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of it. 

Get your Cruiser Go! ready for fall riding

As fall season comes around, some folks are tempted to pack it in for the riding season and hunker down. But when the leaves start to change colors, Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes become a regular occurrence, and all you see is flannel shirts around town you, can look to your trusty Cruiser Go! to maximize those fall riding adventures. If you want to double down and make it a season to remember, we have a few recommendations on how to make it happen for you.  

New season, New You: Jump Into New Accessories and Apparel

Our friends over in New England are currently looking forward to the fall flannels, festive lattes, and the smell of freshly fallen leaves. In California, it’s quite a different story… our palm trees might shed a leaf or two, at most, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for pumpkin spice lattes and the latest fall fashion. Now, when we say fall fashion, we’re obviously talking about the new line of Electra bike accessories that just dropped. They’re perfect for dressing your ride so you can roll into the season

The Perfect Back to School Sidekick: The Sprocket

You blinked, summer vacation is already coming to an end, and soon all the little kiddos will be back in school. What better way to send them off into the new year than with a new set of wheels? Enter the Electra Sprocket. It’s the perfect bike for those learning to ride and even those looking to ditch the training wheels and take on the world by storm. With different sizes, and of course, fun colors to choose from, a Sprocket will complement that new backpack or pair of sneakers.

Find Your Secret Surf Spot on the Kākau Go!

Polynesia is a collection of more than 1,000 islands that covers the south-central Pacific Ocean. Lava fields, dense tropical forests, and epic crushing waves are just a few attributes that define these stunning islands. They also happen to be the birthplace of surfing. The ancient Polynesians would carve boards out of the island trees and take to the swells. It only seems fitting for us to pay homage to this great culture, given our surfing heritage. Introducing the Kākau Go!, the newest member of our Artist Series collection. 

Trend Alert: Shibori Go!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the revival of a trend that we all know and love. Most notably from the 60’s and 70’s, tie dye has officially made its comeback. From DIY lounge outfits, to the runway, it’s taken the world by storm. As it turns out, this pattern pre-dates the disco era and was a common part of ancient Japanese culture. This tradition was the inspiration behind one of our latest Artist Series Go! e-bikes, the Shibori Go!    

Ditch the car and grab the bike… your weekend picnic awaits!

The weekend is here and starting it off with brunch at your favorite café is a stellar move by anyone’s view. However, by the time you roll out of bed from sleeping in, it is primetime brunch, and your favorite spot will have a line out the door.  We get it – an hour wait is not always a game we are willing to play on our precious days off. In fact, we find the alternative opportunities to be pretty fantastic. Grab you best buds for an impromptu picnic at