Just in Time for Summer, New Loft Go! Dawn and Dusk Rides Are Here

If you know one thing about Electra, it’s that we have good-looking bikes. We have the kind of bikes that stop you in your tracks and bring a smile to your face. Our Artist Series bikes are at the core of this, and the new Loft Go! Dawn and Dusk e-bikes are no exception. Moving past the idea that a bike should be more than just a mode of transportation, these additions to the Artist Series collection are truly rolling works of art.

It’s the Season of Love #ElectraLove

The love bug is in the air! Have you taken a moment to think about what you cherish most? Besides your Electra bike, and your other Electra bike, we’re guessing you’re thinking of your family, a restaurant, or a special place among many things. Here at Electra, we love love! These are the top 5 things that are always in our hearts here at Electra.  

Electra’s 30th Anniversary

2023 marks Electra’s 30th anniversary, can you believe it? For three whole decades we have made the most fun bikes on the planet, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. To bring in this new decade, Kevin Cox president of Electra, is here with a very special message.   Our 30th anniversary festivities will continue all year long. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list and be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates each month. Enjoy! 

NEW for 2023: Loft Go! 7D EQ

It’s the beginning of a new year – what does it have in store for you? Perhaps a new ride? If so, look no further than the Loft Go! 7D EQ. You can say goodbye to chasing subways and waving down rideshares. The latest addition to the Electra Go! e-bike collection will be your ticket to freedom from the seemingly endless urban gridlock. 

Which one is for you: Cruiser, Townie, Loft

Do you ever get decision fatigue? Maybe when you’re picking out what clothes to wear or what to buy at the grocery store? There seems to be an endless number of options these days. We never want you to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a new Electra bike. But how will you know which Electra is the right for you? Take a trip with us as we compare the Cruiser, Townie, and Loft in a head-to-head-to-head match. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, because of your Electra!

It’s that time of the year again! Snow piling high on the roads, hot cocoa at the ready, and cozy fireplaces always burning, winter is here friends. Meanwhile, in Southern California at Electra HQ, the weather is still sunny, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t joining in on the festivities.