Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day with Electra

Planning Valentine’s Day can be hard. Flowers are at a premium price, the good chocolate sells out way too fast, and every restaurant is booked for the night. Rather than dropping big bucks on Valentine’s Day, try hopping on your trusty bikes for a romantic ride. If you don’t happen to be snowed in this Valentine’s Day, here are a few date ideas to get you inspired!
XOXO, from Electra

XOXO, From Electra

Trying to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? If you’re thinking of going easy, you know, buying chocolates or heart-shaped jewelry, we’re going to stop you there. That’s been done before and you’re looking to stand out from the rest… Right? We would assume so because you’re an Electra fan. We’re honored. Truly. So, to help you out this Valentine’s Day, we came up with some funky and exciting gifts to get your loved one and maybe a little somethin’ for yourself, because you deserve a good pat on the