An Electra Halloween Spooktacular

An Electra Halloween Spooktacular

With candy corn filling grocery store shelves and your Netflix queue filled with horror films, it’s clear that the spooky season has arrived. As you (and your kids too, I guess...) start to design costumes and plan trick-or-treat routes, we have a few tips to make it awesome. Sorry parents, these tips are here to get your kids as much candy as possible.

Electra is all about good times on two-wheels. It’s a no-brainer that we suggest using a bike to boost the Halloween fun! Moving across the neighborhood 3 – 4 times faster than any other candy, rolling on two wheels this trick or treat season will guarantee the biggest candy score on the block for your kids. The only problem is their pillowcase might not be up to the job.

This trick or treat season, the traditional pillowcase is going the way of the flip phone. Luckily, we have a better solution up our sleeves. Since you are already rolling on two wheels, why not consider using a Honeycomb QR Front basket to help carry 11 pounds of candy. Yeah… 11 whole pounds of candy! Once you’re ready to hop off, simply unclip and it’s the perfect holder for all those candy bars! Best of all, it comes in 10 unique colors so it can pair with any costume.

If your candy exploits are going even better than imagined, a single basket might not be enough. If that’s the case, a rear basket, a frame bag, and/or a saddle bag should help keep all your treasures safe. The only thing limiting you from carrying more candy is your own determination, so check out all the options here.

Speaking of imagination, Halloween is all about being as creative as you can with your costume. Group costumes are always amazing, Power Rangers, Powerpuff Girls, or the Avengers, the list goes on and on. Has your trick or treater thought about making their bike apart of their costume? A cowboy or cowgirl is nothing without their trusty stallion, and a bike is the perfect steed. How about a mad scientist and their rolling laboratory? A little goofy sure, but again it’s Halloween, have some fun with it.

If you need some inspiration for a costume this year, perhaps look at our various accessory collections. Dress up as a mystical gnome, a ferocious leopard, or a styling cool cat; so many other options to choose from! If you or your friends come up with clever costumes, be sure to share them with us on Instagram.

A few last thoughts and words of wisdom. As you and your kids tackle this year’s trick-or-treat season, consider bringing along a set of lights to help guide you from house to house. Also, a bike lock is always handy too, just in case you happen across a haunted house or corn maze. The last tip we have is for the kids, make sure to hide your candy from your parents as they will eat it all while you are sleeping!

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