Bike Terminology 101

Bike Terminology 101

You’re not going to find any tech manuals on a coffee table here at Electra HQ. We like to focus on what’s important, like having fun! However, knowing the basic anatomy of your bike can be a big plus when it comes to DIY fixes, or talking with your Electra dealer. It’s time to put on your learning caps and dive into the basic terminology of the parts on your Electra. 


  1. The frame: This is the heart of your 2-wheeled machine. 
  2. Wheels: This is what you roll on. It consists of tires, rims, hub, and spokes.  
  3. Cockpit: No this isn’t a Top Gun reference, it’s your handlebars, stem, grips, brakes, and shifter. 
  4. E-system: For those who own a Go! E-bike, this is what makes riding three times further and three times more often possible. Your E-system is comprised of a battery, motor, and controller.  




A close comparison to the Flintstone mobile, your Electra gets around by pedaling power.  
  1. The crankset is the core of your pedaling power. You will find this part of the drivetrain below where you sit and where your pedals are.  
  2. Pedals, just like your shoes, come in pairs. Your feet go here. 
  3. The cassette is what gives you a range of gears, making your ride easier or harder. If you are going up a hill, you will want to be in an easier (AKA lower) gear, if you want to race your friends, then go into a harder (AKA higher) gear. 
  4. A derailleur allows you to change gears. If you have an Electra model with a “7D” listed, this means that it has a derailleur. If your Electra has a “3i” associated with it, this means it has an internal geared hub and does not have a derailleur. 
  5. The shifter sits on your handlebars and tells your derailleur which gear to be in.  
  6. The chain is located on the right side of your bike down by your feet. It’s the element that ties it all together.  


If you see a Go! logo on your frame (we’ll see if you were paying attention above), this means you have an electric bike. All Go! e-bikes feature either a Bosch or an Electra E-bike System.  
  1. Battery: Depending on which model you have, the battery will either be integrated into the frame or mounted externally.  
  2. Motor: There are two types of motors, mid-frame (Bosch) or rear hub (Electra E-bike System.) Both are pedal-assist motors, which means it will add power to your pedal strokes.  
  3. Controller: Found on your handlebar, this is how you engage with your e-system. At the most basic level, you can see how much battery you have and select your support level.  


When it’s time to slow your roll, it’s the brakes’ job to step up to the plate. 
  1. Brake lever: This is what you squeeze when you need to slow down a little bit.  
  2. Brake caliper 
    1. Rim: This caliper will grab a hold of the side of your wheel and slow you down. 
    2. Disc: Like modern cars, there is a small metal disc that lives at the center of your wheels. The caliper will grab hold of that to slow you down.   
  3. On our classic Cruiser 1, you will find what is known as a coaster brake. This brake is activated by putting backward pressure on your pedal strokes.  


  1. The saddle is where you sit. 
  2. The kickstand is your sidekick that keeps your ride right side up when you’re not rolling.  
  3. Water bottle mount: This can be found on your frame… always good to have water with you on a bike ride.  

If you care to nerd out even more about your ride, this link will take you down the rabbit hole even further. If this was enough for you, and you are keen to get back out on your ride, even better! Be sure to follow Electra on Instagram and share your stories with us! 

About the Author: Electra Bicycle Company

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