Meet Tanja from the Electra team! She was the one of the visionaries behind the Plasket™ − a bike basket made using 1 pound of recycled ocean plastic. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her passion for sustainability. Read on to learn more.

What is your name and job title at Electra?

Product Director

Give us a brief overview of what Electra is doing to be a sustainable company.

From a product standpoint, as we innovate new and evolve existing products, we are continually being mindful and looking at ways to make them more sustainable, from the materials used for the products themselves to the packaging used to deliver them to the retailer.

Why does making sustainable business decisions matter to you?

As a mother, working for a company with strong values and commitments to leaving the planet in a better place for future generations is important to me.

At what point in your life did you become committed to saving the planet?

Growing up in the countryside in England, I have always enjoyed and am amazed by nature. So unknowingly, I think I have always been committed to saving the planet, whether that was by doing my part to keeping the countryside clean or visiting wild animal reserves in Kenya and Tanzania to support conservation.

What does living sustainably mean to you?

Eating organic foods, being mindful of waste, and re-purposing where possible rather than buying new.

What is one sustainable lifestyle habit that you practice in your day-to-day life you think everyone else can do too?

I do not use or buy plastic water bottles.

What’s your favorite wild animal that you’d love to see survive and thrive on a green planet?

The African Elephant


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