Electra Tech Talk: Bosch Kiox Display on the Vale Go!

Electra Tech Talk: Bosch Kiox Display on the Vale Go!

Bosch Kiox Display on the Vale Go!
With the e-bike movement booming, integrating the latest and best technology is a must. Our  Vale Go! 9D EQ is no exception because it comes equipped with Bosch’s Kiox Display. One of the many innovative features on the Vale Go!, this display gives you a lot of power all at your fingertips.

Whether you have a Vale Go! at home that is ready to ride or if you are considering dropping by your local Electra dealer to give one a test ride, it’s helpful to understand the capabilities of Bosch’s Kiox Display. There’s plenty to review so we’re going to break it down for you plain and simple.

First things first, turn on the Kiox Display and be enchanted by the color display. Oooo ahhh… so pretty. Know that it’s safely protected under super durable Gorilla Glass. Take a peek at the left handlebar and you’ll find a controller that will unlock the wonders of the display itself. Use the up and down arrows to scroll between displays. Each screen will provide you with important information before, during and after your rides.

We know it’s hard to wait, but before you ride, there are a few important settings to manage, like time, date, language and brightness. These can all be modified using the controller on the left-hand side of the handlebars. You’ll also be able to check if your e-bike is due for a maintenance appointment. If that does happen, head to your local Electra dealer and they’ll get you back on two wheels.

To fully maximize its potential, download the Bosch eBike Connect app on your smartphone. This will give you access to even. more. data. Using the controller, Kiox and your phone, follow instructions to sync up the devices via Bluetooth. While you ride, the Kiox computer and your phone track ride information and history in one place. You can also purchase an upgrade within the app that will allow you to lock your bike right from your phone. Even without the upgrade, you can easily detach the display thanks to its magnetic mount which is an alternative way to shut off the motor.

Once everything is dialed in and synced up, it’s time to rock and roll. As you ride along your favorite bike path, gravel road or city street, the display and controller allow you to monitor important rider data like speed and torque, trip distance and battery charge. This is also where you can adjust the level of power support from the Bosch Active Line Plus motor. There are four levels: Eco, Tour, Sport and Turbo. Turbo is our favorite… but we’ll let you decide for yourself. As you meet different terrains, adjust your level of support and pedal harder, you’ll be able to track the level of energy you’re exerting.

Bottom line, the Vale Go! is built to go the distance thanks to the Bosch Kiox Display. Everyday errands, long commutes and weekend giveaways have never been more easy or fun. Some say seeing is believing, but here at Electra we say, riding is believing. So, get your bike and Go!

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