Halloween Remix ft. Electra

Halloween Remix ft. Electra

This year, trick-or-treating is going to be… well… tricky, or even worse, cancelled. Electra is here to say that the Halloween show must go on! We have a few ideas up our sleeve on how to make this year's spooky holiday just as great as years past. Pull those decorations out of storage, get your costume ideas flowing and get ready to celebrate Halloween: the Electra Remix.

From Carole Baskin to Justin Bieber in the POPSTAR music video, there’s no shortage of costume inspiration this year… and they should see the light of day! Or moonlight should we say?

We recommend turning in doorbell rings for bike bell ding-dongs up and down the block. If you’re catching our drift, we’re talking about a two-wheeled Halloween parade, so spread the word and gather your neighborhood crew. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your costumes, and an even better opportunity to dress up your bikes. You better believe that we’ve got plenty of spooky accessories to help.

Electra Wooden Rear Crate

We’ll let you in on a secret, the key to making your Halloween parade a success is coming prepared. Since you can’t score your favorite candy bar from your neighbor down the street, stock up before your ride. The Wooden Rear Bike Crate can hold all the goods from King Sized Kit Kats to caramel apples to popcorn balls. We also challenge you to see what else you can fit in there… pumpkin, fog machine, costume #2…

Eyeball Twister Bell and Skull Domed Ringer Bell

A spook-tastic bell is the perfect way to scare the goons and goblins away. Hook up your handlebars with the Skull Domed Ringer Bell or Eyeball Twister Bell to ward off those evil spirits.

Electra Linear Cup Holder

Another way to treat your handlebars, and yourself, this Halloween is with the Linear Cup Holder. Whether you go with White to match your ghost costume, or Pineapple Yellow to compliment your unicorn getup, you best be filling it with a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Lunar Domed Ringer Bell

We know this ride could carry on into the night which is why the Lunar Domed Ringer Bell is perfect. It’s glow in the dark graphics keep it visible without night vision goggles.

For more inspiration, check out all our accessories on our website, or head to your local Electra dealer.

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