Lights, Reflection, Action: Tips for Safe Riding

Lights, Reflection, Action: Tips for Safe Riding

The next time you get ready to hop on your two-wheeled fun machine, take a second and consider whether other people on the road see you while riding. Aside from the fact that riding your Electra around town is something to flaunt, being visible to others on the road should always be at the top of your list. We have a few tricks of the trade here at Electra that will help keep you safe on your everyday adventures. 

Have you ever noticed those shiny little pieces on the wheels and other places of your bike? Adding a little reflective flare to your ride, these reflectors are your first line of support in being seen on the road. If you happen to lose a reflector, find your nearest Electra Dealer and take a trip to pick up a replacement. Just like your bike, you yourself can be a reflective item. Besides a bright smile, and all-star personality, wearing a colorful or reflective shirt can help others see you more clearly. The flashier the better as mom always says!  

While your mom is picking out an appropriate outfit for you to wear, humor us while we look at other ways to be seen while riding. Safety lights are an obvious addition to your ride that will help draw attention and you better believe we have options for you to choose from. Now, you may have noticed your Electra bike already has front and rear lights (fenders, too!). If it does, that’s because it’s one of our equipped, or EQ, models. Regardless of what type of bike you have, the point is that lights are always a good idea for extra visibility.  

At this stage, you and your bike are dressed to the nines, and now it’s time to ride. But! There’s one last thing before you do. Take a second to think about which routes are the safest for you. If you know your route goes beyond a designated bike path, make sure to find streets that are well lit and wide, so you have plenty of room to cruise. Lucky for all of us, and thanks to our friends over at People for Bikes, we know many of our cities are making efforts to add more bike lanes and paths. Choosing one of these routes is bound to keep you safe! Lastly, the safest journey might not be the most direct and that’s okay… a few extra blocks is worth it if it keeps you safe.  

Now equipped with these tricks, get out there and make the most of each day’s sunlight! Oh, and don’t forget to share your rides with us! Follow us on Instagram and use #ElectraLove so we can tune in to your two-wheeled adventures. 

About the Author: Electra Bicycle Company

At Electra, we make bikes to ride. Not like 45 miles in tight shorts and clicky shoes ride. Just ride. Everyone has a place to go. And it’s way more fun on an Electra. Wherever. Whenever. Whoever you are. Ours is not an exclusive club. If you like to have a good time, you’re in.