Official Electra Touch-Up Paints Are Here

Official Electra Touch-Up Paints Are Here

Nearly two years ago, we came to you with touch up tips for your bike. This little secret taught many of you how to keep your Electra looking as good as the day you first laid eyes on it. Today, we’re back, but this time we’re introducing the official Electra touch-up paint collection.  

Now for a disclaimer, these are TOUCH UP paints. As fun as it would be, they’re not meant for painting a mural on your ride. They are the perfect solution to cover up a scrape or two from all your fun adventures. Now available from your local Electra dealer and online, there are 11 colors to choose from: 

  • Gloss Yellow 
  • Gloss Tan  
  • Gloss Pink 
  • Gloss Grey  
  • Gloss Green 
  • Gloss Teal 
  • Gloss Blue 
  • Gloss Bronze 
  • Gloss Red 
  • Matte Purple 
  • Matte Blue 

Application is easy, just think back to your finger-painting days, but with slightly more attention to detail and a tiny brush.  

  • Make sure that the space on the frame is squeaky clean and dry. 
  • Shake the bottle to mix the paint. 
  • Use the supplied brush to paint a thin layer. Do multiple layers if necessary.  
  • Allow paint ample time to dry in a warm place. 

Now we can imagine what the first questions might be when this blog goes live: “Why don’t you have touch up paint for my frame color?” Which will be followed by “and this color? Well, what about this one?” Let’s break it down. 2023 marks the 30th anniversary of Electra. You can imagine over 30 years we have made a lot of uniquely colored bikes. As much as we would love to, we just can’t produce that many touch up paints. We have some of our most popular colors for past and present bikes. Don’t worry though, each year, we will release more colors. 

For those who are in a pinch, don’t forget about these tips. Nail polish can go a long way in making your ride look like new. Have a life hack for fixing paint on your Electra? Drop us a message on Instagram and tell us all about it. Don’t forget to contact your local Electra dealer to order your Electra touch-up paint or order online today.  

About the Author: Electra Bicycle Company

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