#ElectraLove: Touch Up Tips

#ElectraLove: Touch Up Tips

We’ve all been there. You’ve been riding your favorite bike for a while, and it’s been a blast. You’re back at home cleaning your bike or just admiring that beautiful work of art when you see it… a pesky scratch on the frame. That gut drop moment can be frustrating, especially when you take care of your ride with your whole heart. But alas, it happens. Some of these scratches may be scuff marks that can be easily buffed out. Deeper and more noticeable scratch marks, however, take a little more TLC.

When it comes to touching up scratches on your frame, we recommend finding a nail polish or model paint that strikes a close match. Both can be found at local drug stores or craft shops, and they make for an easy, affordable way of touching up your bike.

To show you we’re not crazy, we went out and bought some nail polish and Testors model paint. Check out some of the samples below:

Electra touch up paint

To touch up a Cruiser 1 or 7D Step-Thru in French Blue, we used Sinful Colors “Sail La Vie” (#1196).

Electra touch up paint

To touch up a Townie Original 3i Step-Thru in Lilac, we used Defy & Inspire “Grape Sunrise” (#583).

Electra touch up paint

To touch up a Cruiser Lux 7D Step-Over in Polished Silver, we used Testors “Metallic Silver” (#1146). This one dripped quite a bit, so be sure to apply lightly!

Electra touch up paint

To touch up a Loft 7i Step-Over in Matte Black, we used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Black Out” (#629).

PRO TIP: Black is an easy color to match, just be sure to not get one with sparkles!

Looking through the images above, you’ll notice the short bike tubes next to the samples. Don’t worry, no bikes were harmed in the making of this blog! These tubes are what we use to determine the final colors for all our exciting, new bikes.

When creating the latest and greatest designs, our creative team goes through a process to land on just the right colors and decals for new bikes. To find that match, To find that perfect match, we consider flat versus metallic, muted color versus bold hues, matte finishes versus shiny and polished varnish. This creative sampling process provides us with color tubes just like those in the pictures. It’s far easier to test colors on a piece of a bike than ordering a full frame!

Just as we find the perfect paint, there are tons of options out there for you to touch up your bike. Here are the steps we like to take to find the right match and to properly apply a touch up:

  1. Snap a pic of your bike. This helps save time when you end up at the store and realize you forgot to bring a sample!
  2. Head to the drug store or craft store. If you can, ride your bike and bring it inside if possible. If not… use the photo you took in step one!
  3. Find the closest match. Browse through all the options to see which works best. Pay attention to the type of paint or polish as well, you don’t want to accidentally end up with sparkles in there! If you are buying model paint, purchase a fine brush as well since model paint doesn’t come with one.
  4. Once you’ve selected your color and returned home, clean your bike frame before applying anything. Avoid power washers… washing by hand is preferred!
  5. Gently apply the paint or polish to your clean and dry bike frame. The fine brush is a good option for applying both, as it allows for smaller, more careful strokes.
  6. Give it at least a couple hours to dry. Overnight is even better.
  7. Ride away!

After going through this process, your bike should look as good as new. So show your Electra some love and pick up some nail polish or model paint to touch up your bike! When the day comes that you spot your first, pesky scratch… you’ll be glad you did.

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