Upping the Ante with Attitude Go!

Upping the Ante with Attitude Go!

From the Rat Fink to EBC ’93, Attitude Cruisers have been a huge part of Electra’s heritage since the early 2000’s. The attention to detail and straight up badassery have made them fan favorites around the world. We all know that times are changing, and now more than ever, we see new trends arise. In case you’ve been living under a rock, electric bikes are absolutely blowing up and have quickly become the new fan favorite. Here at Electra, we’ve been taking notes and are excited to introduce our Attitude Go! e-bike collection. This takes our classic Attitude Cruisers to the next level by outfitting them with the latest Bosch e-bike technology. Take a step back and be amazed by the Ace of Spades Go!, Navigator Go! and Ghostrider Go!

You might recall the Ace of Spades. It was one of the OG Attitude Cruisers, and while it went away for a bit we’re bringing it back. The matte black frame provides a sleek canvas for the custom details we all fell in love with the first time around. The frame, saddle and fenders were all carefully designed to give you ultimate comfort and functionality. Complete your look with the matching Ace of Spades Lifestyle Lux Helmet. Talk about upping the ante.

Ace of Spades Go!

The Navigator Go! is inspired by the lure of travel and adventure around every corner. Details of land masses, oceans, longitude and latitude positions and even an antiqued compass rose can be found along the matte nautilus blue frame. Tan saddle and grips create a cohesive look that is fit for any explorer. While your final destination might be TBD, the Nagivator Go! will take you there.

Navigator Go!

Ghostrider Go! draws inspiration from the first “superbike” motorcycle, The Vincent, famous for its unmatched speed and power. Metallic details adorn the glossy black shadow fame, and you’ll even find a custom license plate on the front fender. This new ride brings the ultimate combination of retro style and modern technology.

Ghostrider Go!

The tech you get on these e-bikes is just as important as their inspiration. All Attitude Go! e-bikes feature Bosch technology to keep you powered and ready for whatever lies ahead. The Bosch Performance Line motor allows you to reach top assisted speeds of 20mph and offers four levels of support. Additionally, the new Shimano Nexus-5e Hub is specifically designed for e-bikes and allows you to smoothy change gears, even on steep hills. Of course, no bike is complete without our patented Flat Foot Technology® to ensure comfort and control while riding.

Each Attitude Go! e-bike is a blast to ride and looks amazing from every angle. Head over to your local Electra dealer and see these beauts with your own two eyes.

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