Electra Bells, Electra Bells

Electra Bells, Electra Bells

While this might be the season for Silver Bells, the season for Electra Bells lasts all year long. Over the summer, we introduced new bells to our collection like Love-Ocado and Tiki Time, but we also kept an elite crew of best sellers. Yes, yes, Cool Cat is still around. *queue sigh of relief* Although it’s the food-centric, animal-loving, and overall adorable graphics that we get super excited about, we’d be remiss to not acknowledge the addition of a few new bell types.

The new Spinner Bells aren’t your typical bell. They are vertically positioned on the handlebar so you can watch the Tie-Dye and Checkerboard patterns spin as you ring. Wonder where the name came from…?

Now the Pinger Bell might not be as glamorous, but it’s small and it’s mighty. Clocking in at a whopping 90 decibels per ring, it’s the perfect “coming through” bell for any e-bike rider.

But the reason we’re really here today is for our Twister Bells. Perfect for all our righties and lefties out there, this bell is easy to ring by simply twisting in either direction. Another cliff hanger on the name origin… There’s a whole selection of kid-friendly graphics like Bite Size and Slime that sit on top of the handlebar. We also created adult-friendly graphics like Mountain High and solid colored options that rest below the handlebar. This little detail makes these bells another e-bike friendly option. It’s no secret that between the shifter, brakes, and display, your e-bike handlebar can be a bit hectic. The beauty of the Twister Bell is it fits perfectly below your display (specifically the Bosch Purion Display) to free up those handlebars and keep the two of you happy.

With so many options, we know it’s not easy to pick the perfect bell. When in doubt, consult with your friends, family, pet, or local Electra dealer for guidance.

Electra Bells

BONUS: Holiday challenge time!

If you rock an awesome Electra bell, we want to hear about it. So, we present you with a challenge: Pick your favorite holiday song (feel free to reference our Cruising into the Holidays playlist) and see if you can recreate the tune with your bell. Then, share your jingle on social media, tag Electra, and we’ll repost if we can guess the song!

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