Electra’s Guide to Go! E-bike Battery Care

Electra’s Guide to Go! E-bike Battery Care

Congrats on finding your dream e-bike! You are officially ready to ride faster, farther, and more often. No matter which Go! e-bike you landed on, taking proper care of your battery is an important step in maximizing every adventure.  Whether you’re riding with the support from the Electra E-bike System or Bosch System, here are some tricks of the trade for taking care of your battery here are some tricks of the trade for taking care of your battery.

Depending on the Go! e-bike model you own, fully charging your battery could take anywhere from the length of your average kid’s movie (an hour and a half) to that of a cross-country flight (6.5 hours). Now, if you’re thinking about just plugging it in and leaving it overnight, we’re going to stop you. While convenient, it’s best to unplug your battery when it’s fully charged because leaving it plugged in for longer than necessary is one way to shorten its lifespan. We certainly don’t want that! On the flip side, don’t leave your battery attached to an unplugged charger either.

After a long ride, your e-bike and battery deserve a little TLC. Use a damp rag to wipe down the frame, being sure to avoid getting water in potentially harmful places like the battery compartment or chain. If you have a removeable battery like the downtube-mounted one on the Townie Go! 5i EQ, it’s best to take it off beforehand. This is also a great time to do other maintenance on your bike like checking the tire pressure, lubricating the drivetrain, or checking your brakes.

Whether you endure harsh, hot summers or cold, snowy winters, it’s best to avoid storing your e-bike battery in extreme temperatures. Just like your favorite house plant, they tend to prefer room temperature climates. It’s optimal for daydreaming about sunny and 75° cruises, of course. Before stowing your bike and battery away for the long haul, be sure to charge it up to 50% to best maintain your battery’s health. If you’re the type to throw your e-bike on your car’s bike rack to escape the harsh weather for a few days, be sure to remove the battery if possible and store it in a safe location inside the vehicle.

The last important tip to taking care of your battery is to bring your e-bike into your local Electra dealer for regular servicing. The technology in your e-bike sometimes needs a special tune up or update that only a technician can provide, so we recommend you bring yours in at least twice a year. You can find additional information about your e-bike battery in the Owner’s Manual, found here.

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