Ditch the car and grab the bike… your weekend picnic awaits!

The weekend is here and starting it off with brunch at your favorite café is a stellar move by anyone’s view. However, by the time you roll out of bed from sleeping in, it is primetime brunch, and your favorite spot will have a line out the door.  We get it – an hour wait is not always a game we are willing to play on our precious days off. In fact, we find the alternative opportunities to be pretty fantastic. Grab you best buds for an impromptu picnic at

Meet the Funbassadors!

Over the past (almost 😱) 30 years, we’ve paid attention to two-wheeled love stories across the world. Thanks to some of these stories, relationships have blossomed with a select group of individuals that we are excited to introduce to you. We invite you to meet the Electra Funbassadors. This is a crew that represents all things fun and Electra in their own unique way. It’s about time we celebrate all they have done and continue to do. Without further ado, read on to meet the founding members.

Electra’s Summertime Staples: Don’t leave home without them!

Summer riding season is in full swing and there is no time to waste! Once that sun rises, and you have your morning coffee, grab your trusty Electra and head out for the next adventure. But before you do, let’s take a peek at a few summertime essentials  to make those rides a 20/10 on the fun scale. Wait… what? A 20/10? Well… just being on an Electra already makes your day a 10/10, so we’re here to double the fun!  

Bike Month is the Best Month!

May plays host to many holidays, like Cinco De Mayo, Star Wars Day, and Memorial Day. It’s also known for being Skin Cancer Awareness Month and National Bike Month! Our Electra crew couldn’t help but celebrate the best way we know how… on two wheels, of course. This holiday isn’t just another excuse for us to ride our bikes in the warm California sun, but we take any excuse we can to be out on our bikes. Throughout the month of May, the Electra team took the opportunity to do

Locally: Your favorite online shopping companion

For most of us, shopping online has become second nature. However, waiting for your coveted packages to arrive is a leading cause of boredom. At Electra, we’re all about maximizing the fun and eliminating boredom. You can now skip it all and get your Electra needs satisfied quicker than ever when shopping at your local bike shop through electrabike.com! Perfect timing for you as summer is around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun.  

Lights, Reflection, Action: Tips for Safe Riding

The next time you get ready to hop on your two–wheeled fun machine, take a second and consider whether other people on the road see you while riding. Aside from the fact that riding your Electra around town is something to flaunt, being visible to others on the road should always be at the top of your list. We have a few tricks of the trade here at Electra that will help keep you safe on your everyday adventures.