Pick your future: Which e-bike is for you?

E-bikes… are we right? They seem to be everywhere these days. Sorry not sorry, but they aren’t a passing fad like the fidget spinner. e-bikes are the new world order. As your FOMO is setting in with this new reality, you might begin the first of many Google searches to find one for yourself. Here are some tips to make sure you find the perfect two-wheeled machine for you.   

Official Electra Touch-Up Paints Are Here

Nearly two years ago, we came to you with touch up tips for your bike. This little secret taught many of you how to keep your Electra looking as good as the day you first laid eyes on it. Today, we’re back, but this time we’re introducing the official Electra touch–up paint collection.  

Ponto Go! Range Test: Results Will Be Awesome

One of the most common questions we hear is, “hey, how far can that e-bike go?” It’s a fair thing to ask. Although, it’s not as black and white as one might think when it comes to battery capacity and range. That is why I, Ben from Electra, took a stab at answering the question for myself with our brand-new Ponto Go! I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this Class 2 (that means throttle) and Class 3 (that means pedal-assistance over 20mph) e-bike in the past year, but

#Newbikeday with the Townie Go! 5i EQ

2023 marks 20 years of the Townie bringing fun to every corner of the world. The Townie family has grown from a stylish ”acoustic” bike to a powerful and diverse e-bike collection. Take, for instance, the Townie Go! 5i EQ with its Bosch motor, integrated lights, and color–matched fenders: it is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. For the 2023 riding season, we have added 4 new colors to the Townie Go! 5i line; Apricot, Matte Teal, Meteorite, and Prismatic. Also, you will be blown away with the

Just in Time for Summer, New Loft Go! Dawn and Dusk Rides Are Here

If you know one thing about Electra, it’s that we have good-looking bikes. We have the kind of bikes that stop you in your tracks and bring a smile to your face. Our Artist Series bikes are at the core of this, and the new Loft Go! Dawn and Dusk e-bikes are no exception. Moving past the idea that a bike should be more than just a mode of transportation, these additions to the Artist Series collection are truly rolling works of art.