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Pick your future: Which e-bike is for you?

E-bikes… are we right? They seem to be everywhere these days. Sorry not sorry, but they aren’t a passing fad like the fidget spinner. e-bikes are the new world order. As your FOMO is setting in with this new reality, you might begin the first of many Google searches to find one for yourself. Here are some tips to make sure you find the perfect two-wheeled machine for you.   

Ponto Go! Range Test: Results Will Be Awesome

One of the most common questions we hear is, “hey, how far can that e-bike go?” It’s a fair thing to ask. Although, it’s not as black and white as one might think when it comes to battery capacity and range. That is why I, Ben from Electra, took a stab at answering the question for myself with our brand-new Ponto Go! I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this Class 2 (that means throttle) and Class 3 (that means pedal-assistance over 20mph) e-bike in the past year, but

Jump into Summer with Electra Accessories

With springtime in the rear view, it’s time to get your Electra bike spruced up for summertime shenanigans. Aside from getting a tune up– either with your local Electra dealer, or a DIY job,– consider dressing up your bike to match your summer bucket list. Afternoon at the beach? Check. Day at the park? Check. No matter what you’re into, we have awesome accessories that take any bike ride rides to a sure 11/10. 

#Newbikeday with the Townie Go! 5i EQ

2023 marks 20 years of the Townie bringing fun to every corner of the world. The Townie family has grown from a stylish ”acoustic” bike to a powerful and diverse e-bike collection. Take, for instance, the Townie Go! 5i EQ with its Bosch motor, integrated lights, and color–matched fenders: it is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. For the 2023 riding season, we have added 4 new colors to the Townie Go! 5i line; Apricot, Matte Teal, Meteorite, and Prismatic. Also, you will be blown away with the

Just in Time for Summer, New Loft Go! Dawn and Dusk Rides Are Here

If you know one thing about Electra, it’s that we have good-looking bikes. We have the kind of bikes that stop you in your tracks and bring a smile to your face. Our Artist Series bikes are at the core of this, and the new Loft Go! Dawn and Dusk e-bikes are no exception. Moving past the idea that a bike should be more than just a mode of transportation, these additions to the Artist Series collection are truly rolling works of art.

Tune-Up in Time for the Summer Riding Season

It’s that time of year when the days are longer, warmer and you’re on the way to getting the perfect tan. Yep, you guessed it, summer is on the horizon which means it’s also time to get your bike ready to ride. There’s no better time for a little extra love, especially in the form of a pre-season tune-up. If you feel confident in your bike mechanic skills, a DIY tune-up might be just for you so keep reading on. Otherwise, a trip to your local Electra dealer for professional

How to Fix a Flat Tire

Picture this: you’re strolling down the street to the local taco shop with your buddy when you hear a pssst… Uh oh, you got a flat tire! No need to worry, we are here to help you out. With the right tools and cheat sheet, you can put this flat tire behind you and get back to having fun.

Bike Terminology 101

You’re not going to find any tech manuals on a coffee table here at Electra HQ. We like to focus on what’s important, like having fun! However, knowing the basic anatomy of your bike can be a big plus when it comes to DIY fixes, or talking with your Electra dealer. It’s time to put on your learning caps and dive into the basic terminology of the parts on your Electra. 

30 Electra Legends

If you’ve celebrated your 30th birthday, you know it’s a year of… let’s call it “reflection.” While some might be thinking about career choices or starting a family, we get to walk down memory lane from the past three decades. Join us as we check out 30 legends of the Electra brand.

It’s the Season of Love #ElectraLove

The love bug is in the air! Have you taken a moment to think about what you cherish most? Besides your Electra bike, and your other Electra bike, we’re guessing you’re thinking of your family, a restaurant, or a special place among many things. Here at Electra, we love love! These are the top 5 things that are always in our hearts here at Electra.  

Electra’s 30th Anniversary

2023 marks Electra’s 30th anniversary, can you believe it? For three whole decades we have made the most fun bikes on the planet, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon. To bring in this new decade, Kevin Cox president of Electra, is here with a very special message.   Our 30th anniversary festivities will continue all year long. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list and be sure to follow us on Instagram for updates each month. Enjoy! 

NEW for 2023: Loft Go! 7D EQ

It’s the beginning of a new year – what does it have in store for you? Perhaps a new ride? If so, look no further than the Loft Go! 7D EQ. You can say goodbye to chasing subways and waving down rideshares. The latest addition to the Electra Go! e-bike collection will be your ticket to freedom from the seemingly endless urban gridlock. 

Which one is for you: Cruiser, Townie, Loft

Do you ever get decision fatigue? Maybe when you’re picking out what clothes to wear or what to buy at the grocery store? There seems to be an endless number of options these days. We never want you to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a new Electra bike. But how will you know which Electra is the right for you? Take a trip with us as we compare the Cruiser, Townie, and Loft in a head-to-head-to-head match. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, because of your Electra!

It’s that time of the year again! Snow piling high on the roads, hot cocoa at the ready, and cozy fireplaces always burning, winter is here friends. Meanwhile, in Southern California at Electra HQ, the weather is still sunny, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t joining in on the festivities.  

The Loft: Fit for 5th Ave

While the beach is in our DNA, and we’ll never call anywhere off Coast Highway 101 home, city life will always hold a special place in our hearts. There comes a time for trading in your beach cruiser and taco shop for a sleeker, more nimble ride and a pastrami sammy from the corner bodega. Places like NYC, Seattle, and Chicago, and the people that live there, were the inspiration behind the Loft®. Durable, lightweight and comfortable to ride, this modern-day classic is ready to hit the city streets and

What is the Electra crew thankful for?

It’s that time of the year when the smell of turkey is in the air. Fresh baked rolls, warm stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie… pausing to wipe the drool off the keyboard… and apple cider, yum! As you sit down at the table with your family to feast on Thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on something. Reflect on what you are most grateful for in your life. Maybe it’s your family, friends, an experience you had this year, or perhaps a great adventure that your Electra took you on.

Are you trending this season? #Fashiontrends

A wise person once said, trends come and go, but an Electra is forever. Okay, maybe that’s just us, but regardless, keeping up with the latest trends can be a full-time job. Lucky for you, we’ve been paying attention and with the addition of a few accessories, your two-wheeled ride can get in on the latest looks hitting the runway and beyond. This winter season, it’s your choice of which direction to go: color blocking, green vibes, or leather collections. Which will it be? 

An Electra Halloween Spooktacular

With candy corn filling grocery store shelves and your Netflix queue filled with horror films, it’s clear that the spooky season has arrived. As you (and your kids too, I guess…) start to design costumes and plan trick-or-treat routes, we have a few tips to make it awesome. Sorry parents, these tips are here to get your kids as much candy as possible.

The Best Day of Your Life: New Bike Day!

This is a day that stand out amongst all other days … Your personal memoir will record it as one of the greatest in your entire life ... A core memory, if you will. We are, of course, talking about new bike day. Plainly put, it’s the day you ride home with a brand new two-wheeled companion. While this life event is unequivocally memorable, here are a few tips and tricks to ensure you make the most of it. 

Get your Cruiser Go! ready for fall riding

As fall season comes around, some folks are tempted to pack it in for the riding season and hunker down. But when the leaves start to change colors, Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes become a regular occurrence, and all you see is flannel shirts around town you, can look to your trusty Cruiser Go! to maximize those fall riding adventures. If you want to double down and make it a season to remember, we have a few recommendations on how to make it happen for you.  

New season, New You: Jump Into New Accessories and Apparel

Our friends over in New England are currently looking forward to the fall flannels, festive lattes, and the smell of freshly fallen leaves. In California, it’s quite a different story… our palm trees might shed a leaf or two, at most, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t excited for pumpkin spice lattes and the latest fall fashion. Now, when we say fall fashion, we’re obviously talking about the new line of Electra bike accessories that just dropped. They’re perfect for dressing your ride so you can roll into the season

The Perfect Back to School Sidekick: The Sprocket

You blinked, summer vacation is already coming to an end, and soon all the little kiddos will be back in school. What better way to send them off into the new year than with a new set of wheels? Enter the Electra Sprocket. It’s the perfect bike for those learning to ride and even those looking to ditch the training wheels and take on the world by storm. With different sizes, and of course, fun colors to choose from, a Sprocket will complement that new backpack or pair of sneakers.

Find Your Secret Surf Spot on the Kākau Go!

Polynesia is a collection of more than 1,000 islands that covers the south-central Pacific Ocean. Lava fields, dense tropical forests, and epic crushing waves are just a few attributes that define these stunning islands. They also happen to be the birthplace of surfing. The ancient Polynesians would carve boards out of the island trees and take to the swells. It only seems fitting for us to pay homage to this great culture, given our surfing heritage. Introducing the Kākau Go!, the newest member of our Artist Series collection. 

Trend Alert: Shibori Go!

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the revival of a trend that we all know and love. Most notably from the 60’s and 70’s, tie dye has officially made its comeback. From DIY lounge outfits, to the runway, it’s taken the world by storm. As it turns out, this pattern pre-dates the disco era and was a common part of ancient Japanese culture. This tradition was the inspiration behind one of our latest Artist Series Go! e-bikes, the Shibori Go!    

Ditch the car and grab the bike… your weekend picnic awaits!

The weekend is here and starting it off with brunch at your favorite café is a stellar move by anyone’s view. However, by the time you roll out of bed from sleeping in, it is primetime brunch, and your favorite spot will have a line out the door.  We get it – an hour wait is not always a game we are willing to play on our precious days off. In fact, we find the alternative opportunities to be pretty fantastic. Grab you best buds for an impromptu picnic at

Get Digital with the Hyena Rider Assistant App

People ride bikes for all sorts of reasons... adventure, commuting, exercise, and (of course) For fun. How can you make riding your Electra e-bikes that much more fun? Allow us to direct your attention to a sure-fire way to maximize e-bike joy. Enter the Hyena Rider Assistant app! This addition is bound to take your two-wheeled adventures beyond the standard 10/10.  

Electra’s Summertime Staples: Don’t leave home without them!

Summer riding season is in full swing and there is no time to waste! Once that sun rises, and you have your morning coffee, grab your trusty Electra and head out for the next adventure. But before you do, let’s take a peek at a few summertime essentials  to make those rides a 20/10 on the fun scale. Wait… what? A 20/10? Well… just being on an Electra already makes your day a 10/10, so we’re here to double the fun!  

Bike Month is the Best Month!

May plays host to many holidays, like Cinco De Mayo, Star Wars Day, and Memorial Day. It’s also known for being Skin Cancer Awareness Month and National Bike Month! Our Electra crew couldn’t help but celebrate the best way we know how… on two wheels, of course. This holiday isn’t just another excuse for us to ride our bikes in the warm California sun, but we take any excuse we can to be out on our bikes. Throughout the month of May, the Electra team took the opportunity to do

Locally: Your favorite online shopping companion

For most of us, shopping online has become second nature. However, waiting for your coveted packages to arrive is a leading cause of boredom. At Electra, we’re all about maximizing the fun and eliminating boredom. You can now skip it all and get your Electra needs satisfied quicker than ever when shopping at your local bike shop through! Perfect timing for you as summer is around the corner and you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun.  

Lights, Reflection, Action: Tips for Safe Riding

The next time you get ready to hop on your two–wheeled fun machine, take a second and consider whether other people on the road see you while riding. Aside from the fact that riding your Electra around town is something to flaunt, being visible to others on the road should always be at the top of your list. We have a few tricks of the trade here at Electra that will help keep you safe on your everyday adventures. 

Local Bike Shops: What can they do for you?

Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner! That means it’s the perfect time to give your bike the TLC it deserves in preparation for a perfect riding season. More often than not, that TLC means more than just pumping up those tires and a quick wipe down, which is why your local Electra dealer is there to help.    
earth day 2022

Take a Moment to Celebrate Earth Day

April 22nd is a special day. Spring is kicking into high gear, snow is thawing in many places, flowers are blooming and (most importantly) you start to see bikers making their way out to roads, parks, and trails again. So, what makes this day so special? For one, it’s National Jelly Bean Day! Yum! As much as we love jelly beans, we’re actually taking April 22nd to celebrate something a little bigger: Earth Day.

The Limited Edition Plasket

Saving the Earth should be fun, which is why we created the Plasket™, a bike basket made using recycled ocean plastic. This functional (and pretty good lookin’ if we may say so ourselves) basket is perfect for carrying your stuff on and off the bike. Seashells? Collect ‘em all. Burritos? It’ll fit a dozen (challenge accepted). Farmer’s market haul? Fresh produce, please!
e-bike battery care featured image

Electra’s Guide to Go! E-bike Battery Care

Congrats on finding your dream e-bike! You are officially ready to ride faster, farther, and more often. No matter which Go! e-bike you landed on, taking proper care of your battery is an important step in maximizing every adventure.  Whether you’re riding with the support from the Electra E-bike System or Bosch System, here are some tricks of the trade for taking care of your battery here are some tricks of the trade for taking care of your battery.
townie go 5i eq

The Townie Go! 5i EQ is as Electra as it Gets

Every bike that rolls out the door at Electra is special. It’s in our DNA to take pride in the originality, artistry, and fun that goes into each one of our designs. This is perhaps no clearer than in our growing Go! e-bike collection. Every One model that is particularly special to us is the Townie Go! 5i EQ. This e-bike has been a staple of our Townie Go! line for over five years and has spread the #ElectraLove to countless riders’ lives.

#ElectraLove: Townie Go! 5i

Sometimes we stumble into love with things we never knew we were missing. That often happens when someone sits their bum on the saddle of a Townie Go! 5i for the first time. Check out the latest #ElectraLove stories about how these riders fell in love with their e-bikes.
CG! TG! Differentiation Featured Photo

Which E-Bike Will You Take Home? Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Go!

2022 is kicking into high gear, spring is just around the corner, and you’re itching for those warmer months of the year. For many, your trusty bike will need a slight tune up before it’s ready to hit the streets again. For others, it may be time to upgrade to fresh ride, or even buy your very first bike. If you identify with the latter crew, it’s your lucky day because Electra has two new additions to our Go! e-bike collection – the Cruiser Go! and Townie Go! 7D.
Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day with Electra

Planning Valentine’s Day can be hard. Flowers are at a premium price, the good chocolate sells out way too fast, and every restaurant is booked for the night. Rather than dropping big bucks on Valentine’s Day, try hopping on your trusty bikes for a romantic ride. If you don’t happen to be snowed in this Valentine’s Day, here are a few date ideas to get you inspired!
taco card pattern

The Electra Cookbook: Shrimp Tacos

If you know anything about Electra, you probably know we make comfortable bikes that bring the California cruisin’ vibe to wherever you ride. If you know a little more about us, then you also know that SoCal culture runs through our veins. Beach cruises, surfing more days than not, eating fresh tacos every Tuesday… this is what we’re all about. With that in mind, we want to share a little slice of our sunshine-tinged life that’s a little different from our typical two-wheeled products and adventures: our favorite shrimp taco
Super sprocket cover

Artist Series Sprockets Save the Day!

It’s been proven that taking a ride around the block on an Electra tends to give us adults that “I’m-a-kid-again” feeling. That’s because we’ve learned a lot from our kiddos on how to really enjoy life on two wheels. To give back to the kids, we introduced the Sprocket back in 2018. Since then, we’ve introduced different colors in both 16” and 20” that are as vibrant and fun as our little riders. This year, we’re taking things to the next level with Artist Series Sprockets.
gnome marquee

Accessory Collections for the Kids, or the Kid in You!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, a bike is an extension of you and your awesome personality. That’s why we’ve made it a point to bring you the most relatable bike accessories. Relatable by design. Relatable by function. We have both covered and what’s new is no exception to those standards.
Cruiser Go! Launch

Rethink Cruising on the Cruiser Go!

There are very few things we take seriously. Tacos, chillin’, bikes. That pretty much sums up the list and when we think back on how we got hooked on bikes, it all comes back to the Cruiser. A lot has happened since then, and twenty-odd years later, here we are introducing the new Cruiser Go! to the world.

MIK All the Way

There are many creative ways to attach your to-go Chinese order and favorite 6-pack to your bike. We’ve seen it all from bungie cords and zip ties to the bold act of balancing. However, the problem is that those options typically end in no dinner or drinks. To help, we’ve integrated the MIK system into many of our bikes as well as aftermarket racks. In case you don’t know, MIK stands for Mounting is Key which makes adding and removing baskets, bags, and more to your bike as easy as
Go Mips Helmets

Go! Safe. Go! MIPS.

“Wear a helmet! Wear a helmet!” While we might sound like a nagging parent, wearing a helmet is important… especially if you’re riding three times faster and farther thanks to your trusty electric bike. That’s why we created the Electra Go! MIPS Helmet. It features e-bike rated technology to keep that head of yours safe, even at higher speeds.

Bells, here! Get your bells here!

If you know Electra, you know that our bell game is strong. With so many bright colors and fun designs on our bikes, it’s only right for us to bring that same energy to the handlebars. As you browse our bell collection, you’ll find many options, both old and new, that will turn your lifestyle into your bikestyle.

#ElectraLove: Touch Up Tips

We’ve all been there. You’ve been riding your favorite bike for a while, and it’s been a blast. You’re back at home cleaning your bike or just admiring that beautiful work of art when you see it… a pesky scratch on the frame. That gut drop moment can be frustrating, especially when you take care of your ride with your whole heart. But alas, it happens. Some of these scratches may be scuff marks that can be easily buffed out. Deeper and more noticeable scratch marks, however, take a little

#ElectraLove: Kristy’s Ride for St. Jude’s

We like to think that every ride on your Townie is special because, well… it is! Those casual rides on the beach or through the park are guaranteed to put a big smile on our face and maybe, just maybe, a little sweat on our brow. Sometimes, though, a Townie ride can be so much more.

Electra Fun Ride: A Cruise for a Cause

The Trek 100 is an annual bike ride held to raise money for the MACC Fund, an organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer and blood related disorders. Since it began in 1990, this event has contributed more than $16 million to the MACC Fund. What’s even better is that number is growing each year as more people join the family and partake in this special ride.
Electra Locals Only Summer

Around 1010: Locals Only Summer

No matter where you may work, sometimes you just need to step outside, feel the sunshine and take a breath of fresh air. For us, the salty ocean breeze is a reminder to keep it fun. We’re in the business of maximizing smiles per mile, so our best work happens when we’re having a good time. There’s no better time than our locals-only summer.

It’s a very Electra Summer

Summer is finally here! The great outdoors is calling, and it’s got you and your Electra on speed dial. Whether you’re looking to get out and break a sweat or just enjoy a sunset cruise, here’s some inspiration on how you can enjoy this summer on two wheels.
The Electra Plasket

Basket + Plastic = Plasket™

If you know Electra, you know that we were born and raised at the beach and the ocean is our backyard. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce our newest product that helps keep our beaches and ocean clean. Meet the Electra Plasket™. It’s a bike basket made using one pound of recycled ocean plastic. Basket + Plastic = Plasket. Clever, eh?

#ElectraLove: Rich the Ironman

Settle in for this #ElectraLove story because you don’t want to miss it. It all started when we received an email from a woman named Kimberly. She was reaching out because her friend, Rich, was about to participate in an Ironman on an Electra. If you’re familiar with an Ironman race or Electra, you’re probably thinking, “hmm… that doesn’t add up.” You know what? You’re right 99% of the time. However, in Rich’s case, it was the perfect choice. Here’s why…
National Bike Month 2021

May is for celebrating!

May is a great month for a number of reasons. First of all, April showers bring May flowers. Second, it’s widely acceptable to over do it with tacos on Cinco De Mayo. For all the grill masters out there, get your aprons and spatulas ready for this year’s debut at the Memorial Day BBQ. To all the hot dog lovers, this is your time to shine. AND most importantly, May is National Bike Month.
People who name their Electra

The Name Game: Electra Hour

It’s no surprise that people love their bikes. They’re more than two wheels, a frame and some handlebars. A bike is an escape… A way to get back into shape… An eco-friendly, traffic-free commute… A bike brings happiness with every ride.
Earth Day 2021

Hats off to you, Mother Earth!

Growing up we learn about the solar system, shooting stars, black holes and the possibility of life in outer space. While all that stuff is pretty darn cool, April 22nd is a day to take a step back and acknowledge that Mother Earth is just as amazing as the stars above us. She gives life to everything from the birds and the bees to the palm trees and plankton.
Honeycomb 3i

The Bees are Buzzing About Honeycomb 3i

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and the bees are beginning to buzz. This all seems like normal spring activity. However, this season the bees are buzzing about something different. Over the cold, harsh winter, the beautiful Honeycomb 3i finally arrived in bike shops across the country as the newest member of the Electra Artist Series.
St. Patricks Day Blog

To wear green or not to wear green?

We’ve never really identified as rule followers… except for the important ones, of course. If you fall into the same category, we’re here to fill you in on a big one that’s coming up. We’ll be following it, and we advise you join us. You may be asking, “what is this mysterious rule they’re referring to?” It’s to wear green on March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day.  
Bike Break Challenge

The Bike Break Challenge

There are many pros to the work from home (WFH) lifestyle. The no-commute factor is an obvious win. All it takes is a few steps from the bedroom to the kitchen to “order” your coffee and another few steps to your “cubicle” to settle in for another day’s work. You have access to unlimited snacks as long as you hit Trader Joe’s that week. Not to mention, you’re doing your part to keep your loved ones and community safe.

What is your #ElectraLove story?

No two Electra riders are the same, and that’s what makes our family so special. While we’d love to invite you all to our headquarters in Encinitas, CA, for a gigantic Electra family reunion, we know that’s a bit much to ask (especially considering our family tree is rooted across the globe these days). Instead, we’ll settle for tales from the good ‘ol days. 
New Vale Go! 9D EQ S

Sport up your life on the Vale Go! 9D EQ S

Take a second to envision your perfect sunset cruise. Maybe it’s riding down the legendary Coast Highway. Maybe it’s that uneven, hilly back road to your secret spot. Now picture what you’re riding. Some of you might be picturing a sleek, two-seater convertible… but we’re picturing the new Vale Go! 9D EQ S. It’s just as sporty, but on two wheels and gets a little more wind in the hair.
2021 Pantone Colors of the Year

Pantone Colors of the Year: Double or nothing!

Three cheers to the new year! We have a feeling that 2021 is going to be a good one, full of new beginnings and extra taco runs. While we have some exciting stuff up our sleeves here at Electra, that’s not the only indication this year will be epic. Word on the street is that two colors have been selected as the Pantone Color of the Year. Feast your eyes on this dynamic duo: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.
Electra Bells Blog

Electra Bells, Electra Bells

While this might be the season for Silver Bells, the season for Electra Bells lasts all year long. Over the summer, we introduced new bells to our collection like Love-Ocado and Tiki Time, but we also kept an elite crew of best sellers. Yes, yes, Cool Cat is still around. *queue sigh of relief* Although it’s the food-centric, animal-loving, and overall adorable graphics that we get super excited about, we’d be remiss to not acknowledge the addition of a few new bell types.
Electra Holiday Decor Tour

The Electra Holiday Décor Tour

Out of the weirdness of 2020, one good thing to happen this year is that we all upped our crafting game. We’re talking candle making, homemade tie-dye, knitting… What are we most stoked about? The high level commitment and extra dedication to holiday decorations. From what we’ve seen so far, it’s safe to say we all just needed a little extra cheer. Jumbo wreaths to light shows and everything in between, our neighborhoods have never been more ready for Santa.
Give Thanks

Give Thanks to Your Two-Wheeled Ride

There’s no doubt that the MVP of the Year award goes to our two-wheeled BFFs. Our bikes, old or new, have been by our side and encouraged us to get out and stay active during this whirlwind of a year. Whether it’s a few laps around the hood, or a ride to the outskirts of town, they’ve become an escape and a reason to smile from coast to coast. So, in the spirit of giving, it’s time we say, “thank you” to our bikes.
Introducing Attitude Go!

Upping the Ante with Attitude Go!

From the Rat Fink to EBC ’93, Attitude Cruisers have been a huge part of Electra’s heritage since the early 2000’s. The attention to detail and straight up badassery have made them fan favorites around the world. We all know that times are changing, and now more than ever, we see new trends arise. In case you’ve been living under a rock, electric bikes are absolutely blowing up and have quickly become the new fan favorite. Here at Electra, we’ve been taking notes and are excited to introduce our Attitude
Electra and Lisa Frank Trend

Trend Alert! Lisa Frank and Electra Style Collide

There’s no better place to look for style inspiration than a trip down memory lane. Nowadays, it seems like throwbacks are always on trend. While gauchos and mullets might be a bit too much of a throwback, we’re excited about a style and craft icon from elementary school.
Halloween featuring Electra

Halloween Remix ft. Electra

This year, trick-or-treating is going to be… well… tricky, or even worse, cancelled. Electra is here to say that the Halloween show must go on! We have a few ideas up our sleeve on how to make this year’s spooky holiday just as great as years past. Pull those decorations out of storage, get your costume ideas flowing and get ready to celebrate Halloween: the Electra Remix.

Townie Path 9D: New colors in the house!

The awesome Townie Path 9D and Townie Path 9D EQ joined our lineup last year and is the perfect bike for any adventurer. Complete with our Flat Foot Technology® you know and love, this bike is built to tackle more adventurous rides thanks to a few upgraded features.
Townie Go! 8D EQ

Upgraded and Ready to Ride: Townie Go! 8D EQ

Everyone loves a little something extra — it’s why we add sprinkles to ice cream and guacamole to our burrito. It’s also why our Townie® Go! 8D now comes standard as an EQ model.
Mix. Match. Make it your own.

Mix. Match. Make it your own with Electra accessories.

There’s one thing we know for certain. No two Electra fans are the same. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure your bike can fit into your lifestyle no matter what you’re into.
Back to School with Electra

Back to School Electra Style

Summer is coming to an end (whomp), school is officially back in session (whomp whomp), and there’s no doubt that this year looks different than years past (triple whomp). You and the kiddos are probably cooped up in the house as virtual learning makes its formal debut. Fear not because Electra is here to save the day… and recess! While jungle gyms, four square and dodgeball are not so socially distant, a ride on two-wheels certainly can be. We’re excited to introduce a few new colors to our Kids’ Bike
Electra Labor Day 2020 Blog

Enjoy a three day weekend on your two-wheeled ride.

Is there better way to enjoy a three day weekend than with friends and family on your Electra bike? The verdict is in, and we are all on the same page. Nope. There’s nothing better. With Labor Day right around the corner, we’ve assembled some insider knowledge on how to take advantage of your three day weekend on a two-wheeled ride. Read on for the full scoop.
The new Townie Go! 5i

Meet the new and improved Townie Go! 5i

The Townie Go! 8i is an e-bike we all know and love, but all good things must come to end… to make room for even better things, of course! That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new and improved Townie Go! 5i.
10,000 Mile Townie

Electra Love: The 10,000 Mile Townie

We all know biking is fun, but turns out it’s much, much more. For Henry, his Townie is his favorite way to get to and from work, run errands and stay healthy. With more than 10,000 miles to date, not even the hot Arizona sun can stop him from taking his Townie out on the town. Here’s a few words of wisdom from Henry himself.
2020 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone Color of the Year Spotted in Electra Lineup

We aren’t trying to say that we are trend setters, but the Pantone Color of the Year is out and there’s plenty of Electra product rocking it. In case you haven’t heard, the color is Classic Blue. We still love our mild to wild colors like Aurora Metallic, Zinfandel, Pineapple, Matte Cadet Blue, just to name a few. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see Classic Blue pop up throughout our lineup… with some Electra flare, of course.

Official Electra Touch-Up Paints Are Here

Nearly two years ago, we came to you with touch up tips for your bike. This little secret taught many of you how to keep your Electra looking as good as the day you first laid eyes on it. Today, we’re back, but this time we’re introducing the official Electra touch–up paint collection.  

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Parking garage shoots, feat. Loft Go! 
#electra #electralove #ebike

Parking garage shoots, feat. Loft Go!
#electra #electralove #ebike

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